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Whether you are a young adult starting a new career or a well-established professional, the work force is becoming better educated and more sophisticated, making jobs more and more competitive. The demand for workers with specialized university degrees or other formal education is increasing dramatically.

The Department of Mining Engineering has over 168 years of tradition teaching and preparing Mining Extractive Metallurgical Engineers. The Department has contributed to the spiritual and material development of our nation, building leadership in the innovative development of sciences and technologies, humanities and art, through its exercises in teaching, creation and extension, with special emphasis on research and graduate studies.

A Diploma from the Department of Mining Engineering will give you that leading edge and pave the way to a number of career opportunities in Mining and Extractive Metallurgy.

The strength of our Diplomas is based on the scientific excellence and experience of our Faculties, their close relation with the domestic and foreign mining industry, our long tradition, and infrastructure. Our professors are strongly engaged with the Diplomas, providing you state-of-the-art material in the subject of the program. You will also be part of an environment where one-to-one interaction is key in the learning process.