Graduate profile

The Mining Engineers graduated from the University of Chile, are professionals able to conceive, design, evaluate, implement, and optimize scientific-technological solutions for ore body evaluation, geomechanics, mining exploitation, mineral processing and extractive metallurgy. Our engineers have also strong management capabilities oriented to mining operations, entities, enterprises and projects.

The competences that our students in Mining Engineering and Extractive Metallurgy will develop through their career are:

  • To carry out data analysis and modelling for geo-mining-metallurgical characterization of materials and mineral resources.
  • To conceive, design, optimize and implement scientific-technological solutions oriented to ore body evaluation, mineral processing and extractive metallurgy.
  • To applied engineer solutions and management strategies for the design process of mine operations and mine projects;
  • To evaluate and/or optimize technically and economically resources, processes and engineering projects in the field of the mining industry, incorporation social, environmental and interpersonal dimensions.
  • To applied concepts of sustainability to design, operation, and closure process of mines.

In addition, the Faculty has emphasized the training of the graduates in the following competences:

  • To communicate ideas and results of professional or research works, both in Spanish and English.
  • To work in multidisciplinary teams, providing leadership on matters inherent to their profession.
  • To demonstrate ethical commitment on their professional life, based on probity, responsibility, solidarity, respect and tolerance for people, the socio-cultural surroundings and the environment
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation abilities in developing solutions to problems of mining engineering, demonstrating initiative and decision making.
  • To manage their self- learning in the development of knowledge of their profession, adapting to the changing environment.

Our graduates have a vision supported on scientific and technological bases related to different knowledge areas related to mining industry, such as mining exploitation, mineral processing and extractive metallurgy. Our engineers are strongly committed to sustainable development and development of communities.

Engineers form the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, have the ability of self-learning, multidisciplinary teamwork, innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as critical and auto-critical thinking.

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